Environment, Health&Safety: environment and safety are the challenges of the future

Safety management and environmental monitoring are the great challenges of the future not only for individual companies, but for entire market sectors and many societies.

But at a global level, the regulatory framework is really wide and varied, and the differences between countries can be substantial.

To guarantee the environmental monitoring and the constant compliance with the regulations, a solution is essential, that manages these processes and takes into consideration such complexity.

During the years, Espedia gained a great experience in setting product development processes that consider the different safety and quality regulations, which meet the standards in different market sectors.

SAP EHSM platform offers data updated in real time also in case of environmental accidents to solve the emergency by keeping costs low.

The main functions of SAP EHSM solution are:

  • Sustainability Reporting & Analytics: analysis of company performances (KPI, Sustainability), sustainability report, collection and monitoring of CO2 emissions;
  • Energy & Environmental Resource Management: environmental compliance, emissions (air, water, soil) and energy management;
  • Operational Risk Management: risk assessment, accident and injury management, occupational medicine, facilities and permits securing;
  • Embedded Product Compliance: product safety, management of dangerous substances, compliance with regulatory systems (Reach, Tsca…) and recycling of packaging, and with waste of electrical and electronic equipment (Conai, Weee…).

Innovating today to win tomorrow challenges is the goal of Espedia that, through SAP solutions, can guarantee to all its customers a safe, sustainable and winning innovation.