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Frequently Asked Questions

Industry 4.0, Manufacturing Execution, IoT: how can I connect my productive system with the rest of the company, using also Iper and Super amortization incentives?

The integration of the productive process within the company is what allows a manufacturing company to be competitive and efficient. Today more than ever, this process is as important as convenient, because it allows to use tax benefits granted by government through Legge di Bilancio 2017, which provides for a 140% super-amortization on the purchase of equipments and a 250% iper-amortization on technological assets related to Industry 4.0. Any company can benefit it, without even having to complete the purchase by 2017.

Anticipating change is possible only thanks to solutions as SAP Manufacturing Execution (ME) e SAP Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence (MII), able to connect production with all the other functions of the company.

By transforming ideas in real and successful projects. Thanks to SAP Innovation Management you can accelerate the project that converts ideas in concepts, and create a bridge between the different business units, even if positioned in different geographical areas. Besides, you will have at your disposal a supporting system that will help you find new solutions and technologies for existing or future problems.

You can do it with a solution that allows you to innovate projects and processes, and to standardize and improve projects execution and control by reducing costs. This solution is called SAP PPM – Project Portfolio Management, a system to plan, monitor and coordinate all your projects, and identifies the ones with greater potential for success and keeps portfolio in line with your strategic business goals.

If you need to optimize the whole Product Like Management process and connect all the corporate business lines, you have at your disposal different SAP solutions that perfectly integrate with each other. SAP Product Lifecycle Management manages all the product lifecycle; SAP Visual Enterprise allows to analyze products and processes with all the precision and reliability given by 3Dvisualization; while SAP ECTR (Engineering Control Center) is the solution that integrates with all the main and more widespread design software like CAD.

For all the companies that have to do with variable raw materials like those belonging to Food&Beverage, Healthcare, and Pharmaceutical-Chemical sectors, there is SAP Recipe Development, the revolutionary program that improves and accelerate the introduction of new products that include variable raw material, by involving each unit for the better developing of the product.

We know well that being always up-to-date on local and regional legislations is essential, especially for all those companies that need to confront daily with different reference markets. For this, there is SAP EHS that allows to always respect all the national and international rules of the inspection bodies on products safety and the full compliance of the goods.

You need a solution that goes beyond the traditional notion of Cloud because, besides data safety, you need to work on the move. SAP Cloud Platform transforms Enterprise Apps in Mobile Ready, passing from the rigidity of a on premise architecture to the flexibility of a Software-as-a-Service (Saas) mode, which offers the possibility to connect through the Internet and use all the apps how and when you want.

Do you want to discover your customers’ orientation and the efficiency of promotions? You don’t need simple reports, you need SAP Hana system, which offers real time reporting functions and significantly reduces data aggregation. From risk simulation to Data Warehouse acceleration to gain an important and competitive advantage compared to competitors.

To manage all the Customer Relationship Management dynamics, all you need is SAP BI, the solution that allows you to find, interpret and organize all the data and information to anticipate the market dynamics and your customers’ needs.

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