Industry 4.0 and SAP Cloud: the importance of PaaS world


Written by
Luca Macagnino

We have already said that the expression Industry 4.0 has a more complex meaning than expected. It’s not just a buzzphrase, a slogan without a real meaning. It’s a real revolution starting from the merging of three different trends:

  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Automation and robotics
  • Big Data and analytics

Behind them, there is a fourth strong point, maybe less showy but surely essential.

It already happened: during the first industrial revolution the emphasis was on mechanization and mechanical loom, but underneath there was the indispensable steam engine.

Also behind Industry 4.0 there is an energy that gives companies the means to innovate. It is represented by Cloud models and platforms as-a-Service: while Infrastructure as-a-Service supports workloads generated by Industry 4.0, Platforms as-a-Service and their integrated elements are the real potential of the fourth industrial revolution.

Thanks to PaaS, enterprises can quickly integrate technological components with each other. In this way, IT management costs are reduced or eliminated, in favor of a fail fast approach that tests new roads and rapidly changes routes if they don’t bring the expected results. Just to go against who said – not too long ago – that PaaS was dead.

Because PaaS is not dead at all, and actually it became stronger thanks to more open platforms. It is the case of SAP in Cloud Foundry, an open source PaaS with the contribution of Google, IBM, Pivotal, Red Hat and Microsoft. Cooperation agreements for the creation of standardized integration models follow the same logic.

In this scenario, SAP Cloud Platform plays a key role in two directions:

  • It offers a complete set of technical features and business services to develop new generation Cloud applications
  • It opens SAP data also to extraneous individuals, extending corporate business systems and enlarging the company itself

Integration is the key of the fourth industrial revolution: thanks to it, companies will be able to develop new applications and services to compete in Digital Economy.

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