Industry 4.0 Smart Manufacturing: future is here

After years of crisis and uncertainties, for manufacturing companies the moment of the definitive relaunch has come, thanks to extraordinary innovative technologies that are redesigning the world of Information Technology, from Internet of Things to Cloud Manufacturing.

Smart Manufacturing is not only adopting an innovative technology for production; for companies it also means having a clear vision of the future to realize a real increase of competitiveness and efficiency through the interconnection of plants, machines, people and data.

Besides, the interconnection created by the Industrial Internet of Things in Analytics and Big Data fields, to analyze a large amount of data and realize new tools that strengthen Supply Chain Management, offers a total control on the progress of production.

For the manufacturing companies, the integration between Execution and Product Development is essential. For this at Espedia, thanks to the skills gained over the years relating the whole chain of processes and value creation, we are able to support Manufacturing Execution initiatives, ensuring the improving of the process of new products development through data collected in production departments.

But what are the main solutions for a company evolution in the Smart Manufacturing field?

SAP ME (Manufacturing Execution) and SAP MII (Manufacturing Intelligence and Integration) solutions are innovative technologies with which it is possible to directly integrate productive resources, to optimize the timing of the individual production activities and to calculate the real efficiency of lines and work centers, eliminating the manual activities of data collection and transcription and their further processing.

The direct link between business operations and factory breaks the information segregation, freeing the visibility of global KPI’s and statistical indicators to facilitate the analysis, the interpretation of data production and the resources management, and organizes a natural extension towards more efficient and economic maintenance processes.

Investing in innovation today it’s even more advantageous, also thanks to Piano Nazionale Industria 4.0, and super and iper amortization, which allow to facilitate the evolution of the whole manufacturing sector!

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