Product Life Management: the goal is making the difference with innovation

What is the most effective way to improve product development process?

If your company has to be always responsive and ready to face the different needs of the customer and the market, an integrated solution is needed, that connects all the Product Design components, industrialization and production, so to manage the launch of new products or the relative changes as efficiently as possible and to reduce to the maximum the Time to Market.

In short, solutions able to optimize all the value chain are needed: from strategy to the initial idea until the post-launch product phase itself.

Esperia it’s been operating for years in the world of Product Life Management and SAP solutions, starting from CAD Integrations, passing through PLM 7 application suite until the newest solutions, that is Visual Enterprise, Product Lifecyce Costing, Document Collaboration.

To optimize processes means first of all to identify and reduce to the minimum the possible errors of the value chain. Such goal is valid also for the launch of the product on the market, to anticipate competitors.

It is not enough that the company units communicate between each other: what makes the difference is the collaboration process that can begin thanks to best integrated solutions that connect all the components, improving not only everyone’s work, but promoting faster decisions from management unit.

To see beyond, it is first of all necessary to literally see inside the company. For this is it important to integrate Product Innovation solutions management and Product Life Management with the precious support of 2D visualization systems. More than seeing, it is important to observe from inside the heart of the company in order to maximize the efficiency of all processes.

These are the SAP solutions that can help the company to make the difference.


SAP Product Lefecycle Management (PLM)

This SAP solution allows to optimize all the product lifecycle, giving the possibility to:

  • acquire a greater accuracy of product data;
  • reduce the Time to Market;
  • improve the R&S productivity;
  • increase the ability to model and predict the product success;
  • improve the communication and collaboration between the interested parties.


SAP Engineering Control Center (ECTR)

ECTR is the new SAP platform, perfect to integrate the management system with all the main design software (CAD/CAM/CAE):

  • simultaneous use with CAD/CAM/CAE or stand-alone for documents management;
  • SAP Visual Enterprise Viewer included;
  • easy and intuitive folder organization with facility Windows style (e.g.: drag & drop, copy&paste,,,);
  • possibility to manage documents, material codes, BOM, ECO, Equipment and more;
  • expandable functions, e.g.: FCTR – Factory Control Center (DSC SAG).


SAP Product Lifecycle Costing

SAP PLC is the new system that allows to keep costs and products prices in line with the strategical goals along all the product lifecycle. Thanks to this solution, it is possible:

  • to have a modern calculation engine with real-time costs powered by SAP HANA;
  • the integration with SAP ERP and/or other application via PI;
  • data import/export with Microsoft Excel;
  • the analysis and report of product costing on different cost categories and other dimensions;
  • to make simulations and comparisons.


SAP Visual Enterprise Suite

To look inside the company and along all the value chain with the extraordinary precision of 3D SAP visualization software. With SAP 3D Visual Enterprise applications, all the obstacles that prevent the perfect communication between the Business Lines, the Clients and the Partners are removed; it will be possible to:

  • accelerate the decisional process in all the company Business Lines;
  • optimize productivity thanks to visual access;
  • improve product quality and optimize the processes efficiency by communicating visually;
  • reduce the operating costs and optimize the products lifecycles.