Project & Portfolio Management: the best solution for the success of your Projects

To guarantee the success of a company, investing on the right product and on the right technology, managing the whole products portfolio, correctly allocating the available budget and resources, and monitoring the progress of the executive projects is fundamental.

How can companies gain visibility in product development processes, guarantee margins in line with the goals, optimize the resources allocation, reach profitability and success of their products on the market?

SAP Project & Portfolio Management supports business projects to reach these goals in the most effective way, by highlighting the need of a strategic and operational management for their Project and Products Portfolio.



SAP PPM – Project & Portfolio Management is an enterprise-level solution, accessible via web and mobile, for the management of different types of projects, which can go from Product Innovation to IT Governance. SAP Project & Portfolio Management allows the innovation of better projects, processes, products and services along their entire lifecycle.

The main goal of the solution is to standardize and improve the execution of the projects management and to reduce the relative administrative and system costs, by providing for reliable project management functions that can be implemented even without SAP software.


Solution features

SAP PPM supports all the Project Portfolio management processes. The solution especially focuses on three macro areas of management:

Portfolio Management – to:

  • Adjust the entire project portfolio to the company goals through an integrated financial management and dedicated evaluation models (scoring models, KPI, simulations and what-it scenario).
  • Obtain global visibility in real time on project costs, staff allocation, times and project results in order to monitor the actual situation compared to the estimated one.
  • Promote a clear company vision of the initiatives, as well as detailed information on each program and on-going project.

Project Management – to:

  • Effectively manage projects activities with project modeling tools, planning, visualization (Project Gantt) and more.
  • Define the set of project activities through a Stage & Gate process flow in order to guarantee the standardization, compared to quality procedures and dedicated formal approvals.
  • Simplify collaboration and information exchange between the different project stakeholders.
  • Plan, execute and monitor the activities progress through dedicated project workflows and supporting operational tools.

Resource Management – to:

  • Optimize the use of human resources, assets and equipment.
  • Punctually manage the requested resources from the Project Managers and Resource Managers, through a specific of availability, geographic position or competence office, skills and qualifications.
  • Use resources efficiently and assign them to projects based on needs, priorities, qualifications and availability.

Among the additional functions to support project management:

  • Mobile Apps to be connected and informed in real time about the progresses of the project activities.
  • Native integrations with the most widespread Project Management tools (MS Project, Primavera) in order to simplify the information exchange with external stakeholders such as clients and suppliers.

These are just some of the functions covered by SAP PPM solution, an application suite on which Espedia is specialized, that counts numerous implementations.


Integration with the different Business Processes

Real-time data and information accessibility are fundamental for a value added solution to support operational and decisional processes in projects management.

SAP Project & Management Portfolio functions are highly integrated and integrable to the other SAP components, allowing an orchestrated management of the different project activities.

Therefore, design deliverables and district workflows result natively integrated with SAP for the project management. No need to duplicate information and documents.


Best Practice

Among the most common implementation scenarios of the Solution:

  • R&D: from the ideas management and screening to the implementation of Product and Process improvements. Highly integrated scenario with SAP PLM solutions.
  • NPDI – New Product Development & Introduction: governance process for Product Portfolio management, from the design phase to the introduction of the product on the market.
  • IT Governance: the best solution to organize the demand and plan the IT Projects implementation of any company. SAP PPM is natively integrated to SAP Solution Manager to support the integrated management of IT projects along their entire lifecycle.
  • Capital Projects: perfect practice for the management of Utilities & Services and Engineering & Construction sectors. A scenario natively integrated with SAP PS for an accurate management of budget and running costs.
  • Commercial Projects: from Business Opportunity to Product selling. This practice is highly oriented to Marketing & Sales: optional enhancement possibility through SAP CPM – Commerical Project Management, which includes Risk and Issue Management functions and advanced KPI Monitoring