Recipe Development, the innovative solution for the management of variable raw materials

For all those companies that have to do with variable raw materials, such as those belonging to Food&Beverage, Healtcare and Chemical-Pharmaceutical sectors, there is SAP RECIPE DEVELOPMENT, the revolutionary functions suite that improves and accelerates the introduction of new products containing variable raw materials.

This system can connect efficiently all the phases and business units. Completely integrated in a PLM strategy, every Business Unit is involved in the product development. Besides, one of the most important advantages of this solution is the integration with SAP ECC.

Can SAP Recipe Development really make the difference? This solution is ideal for all those companies that:

  • want to manage the product lifecycle with a single system;
  • treat highly variable raw materials;
  • have to satisfy global and customers’ expectations;
  • collaborate with external sources and regulatory agencies;
  • want to increase quality by keeping efficient the product innovation;
  • manage complex compliances processes, such as pharmaceutical companies;
  • want to limit the responsibilities, such as tobacco companies;
  • have to deal with regional variations that affect monitoring/reporting;
  • develop new products in highly regulated places (FDA, USDA);
  • take care of intellectual property to accelerate development (re-invention);
  • always want to be up-to-date on the variation of regional and local legislation;
  • develop new products and make changes to the already existing ones.


Espedia can support your business, thanks to a solid experience in the project management regarding:

  • Processes of product development and introduction of new products: functional coverage through SAP Recipe Development to manage technical data (ingredients and architecture) and the use of SAP Project & Portfolio Management to manage every portfolio and the entire process: from ideation to production and commercialization;
  • Product safety: functional coverage through SAP EHS – module – product safety, which provides for a series of functions for the management of data relating products safety and international regulatory compliance (until REACH).

Data integrity and operating excellence are guaranteed if you choose SAP.