Choose something better than traditional Cloud solutions for your business

Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower and cloud computing covers a leading role as enabler of the main trends in digital innovation field.

In a highly competitive market like the current one, it is necessary to nimbly move forward, efficiently move over and monitor services to guarantee, besides the business always-on availability, a unique User Experience and a performance always under control.

Safety, innovation and competitiveness are the features of SAP Cloud Platform, the cloud platform (Paas) that offers the most complete set of enterprise services.


Cloud services provide for all the elements, but each reality follows its own way. At Espedia we can help companies find their way by supporting them in developing new apps and services to successfully realize Business Transformation.
Here are some examples of how we are supporting our clients integrate efficiently cloud services:

  • By transforming Enterprise applications (Cloud and On premise) into Mobile Ready Apps, adding new functions and customizations and improving User Experience;
  • By integrating on premise and Cloud applications extending data access modes, the users base and, consequently, the company perimeter;
  • By realizing new applications to face new problems or to address business opportunities.


Companies will no longer know limits, thanks to the full force of technology and SAP Cloud solutions, and to Espedia competence.